“YIKES! Why is my gas bill so high?”

This week at Expert HVAC and Refrigeration, we have received numerous calls like this one. People are freaking out because they’re seeing utility bills in the $300s, $400s…even $500s. Some of it is due to our colder weather and the use of more heating. Some is due to poor furnace maintenance. But, more likely, you may have an old and furnace that is no longer adequate.

Before calling to replace your old furnace, let us first make sure it is still operating properly but simply needs some DIY maintenance. Here, our expert technicians offer some simple tips you can do yourself that may provide you a little relief from your skyrocketing heating costs. First, try these. If none of these suggestions work, there might there be an HVAC problem and you should call us at 915-598-1732 for a repair or replacement.

  1. Make sure you have a clean air filter installed. If the air can’t pass through a dirty or clogged filter; it can’t heat your living spaces. It’ll try and try by running constantly…and, that may be why your bills are so high. Want air filter home delivery so you never miss a filter change again? We got that! https://www.experthvacandrefrigeration.com/filter-fetch/
  2. Make sure you don’t have your floor vents covered. If you have furniture in front of or carpets over the floor vents, the same thing mentioned above will happen…the air is trying to get to the spaces to heat ‘em up, but can’t. Move your furniture and throw rugs off the floor vents to allow the heated air to get into your rooms.
  3. Make sure your vents are open! Vents (or registers) should never be completely closed. They should remain at least slightly open. If they are closed, open them up to allow the warm air to flow into your living spaces.
  4. Make sure you still have a properly working thermostat. Thermostats don’t last forever. They have a life expectancy of only 8-10 years. When they are worn out, they don’t control the heating system properly. You may want to consider a programmable or smart Wi-Fi thermostat for the most efficiency. They work to give you the highest efficiency and utility savings by working with your occupancy patterns to only supply the level of heating needed when you are in your living spaces and reducing the temperature when you are out of the home. Learn more here: https://www.experthvacandrefrigeration.com/nest-home-automation/
  5. Caulking, insulating and making repairs to the sources causing drafts in your home is another way you help keep your utility bills in check. Check windows and doors to see where cold air is coming in and create a “pick list” to pick off those areas by caulking holes and/or adding insulation.

While we hope these tips have been helpful and fix your problem some of you may need to retire that old heating system. Doing so will help to reduce your high utility bills because advances in new systems make them incredibly efficient…and that means energy savings!

Call the experts at Expert HVAC and Refrigeration at 915-598-1732 for a free new system estimate.

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