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In El Paso, the summers can be very harsh on the cooling system, which is why we always recommend preparing it now BEFORE you experience an untimely breakdown on the hottest days of the year. March is the best time to do this and for good reasons. Here’s why:

  • Technicians aren’t as busy doing hot summer repairs and replacements so chances are you can get an immediate appointment.
  • The weather can get pretty hot! In fact, it’s going to be in the mid-80s later this coming week. Without a working cooling system, that can cause discomfort in the home.
  • Price for a maintenance check-up is a lot less than a repair if you postpone it.
  • Tons of dirt and dust from early season storms have accumulated on the filters. Maintenance checks include a filter change.

Spring is also the best time to replace your air conditioner should that be in the budget…and here’s why:

  • You can beat the manufacturer annual price increases which usually come in mid-April.
  • No waiting! Estimate today; install tomorrow is likely available.
  • You aren’t dependent upon your cooling so a day or two without a system while it is being installed is not going to be too uncomfortable.
  • Many homeowners like to be home during the install. Getting it done during spring break means you can be there when we’re there.


To schedule an A/C preventive maintenance check-up with Expert HVAC and Refrigeration, call us at 915-598-1732. Or, if you want to know what it would cost to convert to refrigerated air or replace an old system, call us and we’ll do a total home evaluation for a complete new, high efficiency HVAC system.

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